[10.10 Serum Mania] Anti-Pigmentation Kit

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  • Instantly brighten your skin with our 3 go-to products! 
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  • Pigmentation Oligopeptide Complex Serum 
    Our revolutionary hydrating formulation gets you quickly—7 days—on your way to glowing, even-toned, unfiltered skin without any peeling or downtime. The oligopeptides can significantly fade or lighten all the above-mentioned, even the skin tone and brighten the overall complexion. Together with antioxidants, they also help to regulate melanin synthesis, which helps to treat these pigmentary disorders. 

    Brighten & Repair OIigopeptide Complex Serum 
    This advanced formulation with concentrated oligopeptides for deep repair management enhances the skin's ability to heal, boosts collagen synthesis and cell renewal as well as strengthens its natural barrier system against external stressors. It also brightens the complexion, eliminating dullness and unevenness, and diminishing acne scars. All it takes to transform—drastically improving the texture and elasticity and making it softer, more radiant and suppler—and maintain your revitalised appearance: 7 days!

    Super Mask 
    Lack of sleep promotes inflammation that could lead to breakouts and hyperpigmentation caused by an increase in melanin. Ours is the first-ever brightening anti-pigmentation sheet mask on the market that regulates melanin production. Its premium formulation with natural bio-ingredients and plant extracts also regulates the pH balance, locks in moisture—plumping and refining skin—and prevents acne scars and unevenness.


    30ml Oligopeptide Cleansing Set 
    Oligopeptide Milk Cleanser
    This gently cleans and refreshes skin while removing dead skin cells, makeup, impurities and excess sebum—and reducing the occurrence of clogged pores to prevent blackheads and whiteheads without stripping it of natural oils. As it contains hyaluronic acid, it also replenishes moisture and strengthens the skin's natural barrier system, leaving it smooth, soft and supple. Note to self: Double cleanse whenever you use makeup. 


    Oligopeptide Activating Essence
    Scent-free, this feels like water against the skin but it is an essential step in your Ice’s Secret regime. Its nutrients penetrate deep into the layers to repair cells, replenish collagen, calm sensitivity and acne and increase elasticity and radiance. It also minimises pores, softens and smooth your skin, while prepping the skin to absorb all the goodness of our serums and masks.

    30ml Rose & Radiance
    The Damask rose flower water in this special product contains antibacterial properties that target acne-causing bacteria thereby reducing the appearance of acne and acne-related blemishes. A natural astringent, it also deeply cleanses clogged pores and tightens them while making the skin supple and leaving you with a healthy, youthful glow.

    Everyday Moisturising Protective Spray (Sunscreen)
    Lightweight, non-clogging and non-sticky, this everyday sun spray forms a protective film on the skin’s surface, preventing UV damage while locking in moisture, making the skin dewy and giving you an instant glow. Even better, it makes you appear made up when you’re not.

    Please check individual listing for the full list of ingredients.  

  • For details on how-to apply products, please refer here

    1. Cleanse - Oligopeptide Milk Cleanser
    2. Tone - Oligopeptide Activating Essence 
    3. Serum Application - Brighten & Repair (AM), PIgmentation (PM)
    4. Mask

    *Exfoliate twice weekly. 
    *Sunscreen can be applied over makeup.