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[12.12 Joyful Deal] Healthy Scalp Bundle


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  • Bundle Deal
  • What Is In It? 
  • Purchase any 1 Hair Loss Tonic and Enjoy 50% Off the choice of your shampoo!

  • Hair Loss Tonic
    This handy hair loss tonic kit comes with 5 x 5ml bottles in red, blue, green, yellow and purple topped with rollerball applicators that allow the ingredients to penetrate deeper, increasing microcirculation, stimulating follicles to absorb nutrients, and reducing hair loss and thinning by supporting hair growth in a healthy environment.

    01 Everyday Scalp & Hair Shampoo
    Even in humid weather, this richly hydrates the hair without weighing it down. In addition to promoting healthy hair growth, it also regulates the pH levels of the scalp and hair.

    02 Sensitive & Soothing Scalp Shampoo
    The exclusive formula effectively treats and protects scalps that are easily damaged, and reduces redness and irritation. It also hydrates and promotes healthy, shiny tresses with plant extracts.

    03 Purifying & Scalp Detox Shampoo 
    This purifies the scalp by thoroughly detoxing it of styling product and shampoo residue, which can easily clog and irritate follicles, resulting in bacterial infection. As well as healing and preventing alopecia, it whisks away dirt, nourishes hair, regulates sebum production, and prevents oily scalp odour.


    07 Anti-Dandruff Refreshing Shampoo
    This eliminates dandruff and blocked pores that cause hair loss with its deep cleansing properties. You will notice a fresh feeling on your scalp afterwards.

    08 Itchy Scalp Relief Shampoo
    Besides relieving an itchy scalp, this also reduces any discomfort and replenishes moisture to restore dry hair and the scalp's skin barrier.