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  • Targets those wish to improve your sleep and calm your senses. All skin types, including sensitive skin.

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  • A GoodNight Sleep Body Cleanser

    Enter a new realm with this body cleanser. The natural floral scent of geranium leaf relaxes your senses. It is formulated to cater to all skin types including sensitive skin.

    Just the perfect low-lather and non-drying formula that bring out your skin's natural glow and lustre again, leaving your skin well-hydrated, soft and supple.(300ml, pH 6.9)

    A GoodNight Sleep Ion Water Essence
    Using state-of-the-art technology, Ice’s Secret infused 15500hz of negative ions into rose water essence that bind with the positive ions in your body to calm the mind, body and skin. This also boosts collagen production, oxygen and blood circulation, and neutralises the free radicals found in skin cells. Plus, it improves elasticity, hydrates, gives a soft, healthy glow and helps you fall asleep well and more easily.

    Hypoallergenic Soft Bath Towel in Diamond Blue
    Made with 80% polyester and 20% nylon and free of toxic dyes, fluorescent whitening agents, formaldehyde and aromatic amines, our beautifully soft, durable towel that does not shed is hypoallergenic and gentle, making it safe for sensitive and eczema-prone skin and babies. It is also highly absorbent and feels as soft as a cloud against the skin.
    (64cm x 124cm, 350g per sq m)

  • Super Mask (5 sheets/box)
    For all skin types, including exhausted, lacklustre skin—due to late nights—with pigmentation problems as well as acne scars and blemishes. 

    Youth Filler Mask  (5 sheets/box)
    This mask is perfect for anyone who wants a smooth and bouncy skin. Targets uneven skin textures including pitted scars, anti-ageing and a preventive skincare. Lines and wrinkles that seem to be deepening, along with dull, dry and sagging or loose skin. 

    Pore & Glow Mask  (6 sheets/box)
    For those with stubborn clogged and enlarged pores, acne-prone and combination skinThis advanced mask for daily use intensely cleanses congested skin and minimises the look of enlarged pores.

    Miracle Secret Mask  (5 sheets/box)
    For all skin types, including combination skin and sensitive skin with redness, dullness, loss of firmness and acne. This mask also soothes and repairs damage from sun exposure and acid burns, calms acne-related inflammation and irritating bumps, hydrates (24 hours) and reduces pigmentation and unevenness.

    Illuminating Oligopeptide Mask  (5 sheets/box)
    Targets blackheads, redness, loose skin, dullness and a weakened protective skin barrier.

    Acne & Purifying Mask  (5 sheets/box)
    This reduces inflammation and gently draws out excess oil and impurities to treat and prevent cystic acne and blemishes, visibly healing and reducing redness and blackheads overnight.

    O2 Niacinamide Pore Minimising Mask  (5 sheets/box)
    All skin types, including very sensitive skin and dull, tired skin exposed to blue light from digital devices.

  • A GoodNight Sleep Body Cleanser: Use twice daily to cleanse body, focusing on the concern areas.

    A GoodNight Sleep Ion Water Essence: Spritz on cleansed skin before toning during your night-time regime. During the day, it refreshes the skin on your face and body. It also acts a makeup primer and finishing spray.

    Masks: After cleansing, place the mask on your face and remove the protective film. In 15 minutes, gently lift the mask away and wash or wipe off any excess mask serum. Suitable for daily use. Applying this before bedtime increases its benefits as the regeneration process can be up to three times faster at night.

Please refer to the individual product pages for the full ingredients lists.