Anti-Acne & Anti-Inflammatory (Maintenance)

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  • What This Bundle Consists Of
  • Who Is It For
  • What Is It
  • Directions
  • Anti-Acne & Anti-Inflammatory
    1 X Miracle Secret Oligopeptide Serum
    1 X  Oligopeptide Concentrate

    Estimated Duration of Usage: 2.5-3 months

  • Targets all skin types especially for those with acne-prone skin and troubled skin. 

  • 1. Miracle Secret Oligopeptide Serum
    Ice’s Secret revolutionary oligopeptide serum formula. Enriched with key extracts to deliver essential nutrients to the skin and improve skin’s barrier system. It provides deep hydration and cell repair, leaving skin supple, smooth and hydrated. Achieve radiant skin and prevent mid-day oiliness in just 7 days. See visible results of improved skin texture, smoothness and skin defence after 1 bottle.
    (30ml, u.p. $129)

    - 24 hour skin guard
    - Defend against skin irritation triggers 
    - Skin cell repairing & plumping
    - Deep hydration
    - Non-sticky lightweight formulation
    - No moisturiser needed

    2. Oligopeptide Concentrate
    Aid in maintaining skin's hydration levels and prevent an array of skin concerns. It is pumped with anti-oxidants to neutralise free radicals that causes skin cells to age faster. It also contains Oligopeptide 1, which helps in increasing cell's activity and promote cell growth. 

    ● Anti-bacterial and Anti-inflammatory properties
    ● Treat skin clogs & comedones
    ● Maintain & provide hydration to skin
    ● Packed with anti-oxidant
    ● Neutralises free radicals
    ● Promote cell growth

  • Maintenance:
    1. Apply all over face, day & night use after cleanse & tone.
    - No moisturiser needed

    1. Apply your Oligopeptide Complex Serum of choice.
    2. After absorption, apply Miracle Secret Serum or Oligopeptide Concentrate

    When You Mask:
    1. Apply your Oligopeptide Complex Serum of choice/ Miracle Secret Serum / Oligopeptide Concentrate
    2. After absorption, put on your mask.
    3. Remove mask, wash off excess serums then apply Miracle Secret Serum / Oligopeptide Concentrate