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Backne Away Kit


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  • What it is for 
  • What this bundle consists of
  • Directions
  • Targets back acne, chest acne, butt acne, skin clogs, and chicken skin.

  • 1. Acne Body Cleanser

    A huge factor on why clogs & acne occur is due to lack of a pH balanced body cleansers to match your skin (5-6.9). Our Acne Body Cleanser provides a deep cleanse of skin pores without over-drying the skin, remaining at a pH level of 5.68

    Coupled with our Acne & Pore II Advanced, we can declog your skin effectively.
    (300ml, UP $39)

    2. Acne & Pore II Advanced Oligopeptide Complex Serum

    An advanced formulation of several oligopeptides 1, 3, 5 & 6 to stimulate the skin cells. It effectively prevents bacteria accumulation to decrease the appearances of new acne formation. Smoothen out rough, dull, and clogged skin to achieve a smoother skin texture. 
    (10g + 10ml, UP $128)

  • 1. Shower with Acne Body Cleanser
    2. After towel drying the body, apply Acne & Pore II Advanced over target area, gently tap over to allow skin to absorb.