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Trois BeautyEssentials™

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  • Trois BeautyEssentials™
  • What it is
  • Health Benefits
  • Beauty Benefits 
  • Directions
  • $168 (Box of 24 sachets)

    $672! Buy 4, Get 1 FREE

  • The No.1 drink for beauty and overall health and well-being in Singapore and Malaysia. Note: This is not a meal replacement programme.  


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  • ✔ Aids digestion

    ✔ Colon cleansing
    ✔ Restore colon and intestinal flora
    ✔ Ease constipation
    ✔ Relieve sore throat and gastritis

    ✔ Improve blood oxygen level
    ✔ Promotes healthy heart and blood circulation
    ✔ Alleviate Hormonal Imbalance
    ✔ Manage body composition
    ✔ Mediate nerve and muscle function

    ✔ Mineralization of bone
    ✔ Prevent osteoporosis
    ✔ Relieve Arthritis
    ✔ Tissue repair and healing of gums

    ✔ Maintain healthy eyes, hair and skin
    ✔ Reduce Frequency of Migraine
    ✔ Boost immune system

  • ✔ Strengthening of collagen and elastin network
    ✔ Firming and reduce wrinkles
    ✔ Reduce skin pigmentation
    ✔ Improve skin texture
    ✔ Skin brightening
  • Twice Daily: 1 sachet each time before breakfast and dinner. Mix in room temperature or cold water.
    Great chocolate taste.

    Ice's Secret is the Exclusive Distributor (Singapore) of Trois BeautyEssentials™. This product has been certified halal.



Results in 7 days

Made for humid climates

Suitable for all skin types

Safe for pregnancy

High-performing ingredients

No parabens & silicons

Non-drying formulas

Award Winning Beauty

Dermatologically Tested

Fast Delivery from Singapore

28,047 5 Star Customer Reviews