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No.1 Drink for health & weight maintanece in Singapore and Malaysia, not a meal replacement.

Health Benefits
✔ Aids digestion
✔ Colon cleansing
✔ Restore colon and intestinal flora
✔ Ease constipation
✔ Relieve sore throat and gastritis

✔ Improve blood oxygen level
✔ Promotes healthy heart and blood circulation
✔ Alleviate Hormonal Imbalance
✔ Manage body composition
✔ Mediate nerve and muscle function

✔ Mineralization of bone
✔ Prevent osteoporosis
✔ Relieve Arthritis
✔ Tissue repair and healing of gums

✔ Maintain healthy eyes, hair and skin
✔ Reduce Frequency of Migraine
✔ Boost immune system

Beauty Benefits
✔ Strengthening of collagen and elastin network
✔ Firming and reduce wrinkles
✔ Reduce skin pigmentation
✔ Improve skin texture
✔ Skin brightening



Twice Daily: 1 sachet each time before breakfast and dinner. Mix in room temperature or cold water.
Great chocolate taste.