Maskne Away Kit

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The great skin remedy to get rid of those maskne surfacing!

$79 up. $128

Maskne Away Kit

What's in it?

Calm & Shield Face Mist
Hydrate, calm and soothe the skin. Formulated with oligopeptide to rejuvenate your skin quickly on the go. Replenishes essential moisture below the skin. A face mist with skin calming, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties to protect the skin. Rich with anti-oxidants to defend your skin against free radical damage. Reduce appearance of fine lines, skin dryness and give your skin a supple look overall. 
(100ml, up. $68)

Ice's Secret Acne & Purifying Facial Mask
Achieve clear skin again with potent antibacterial properties. Reduce inflammation and repel acne. Hydrating finish and improve skin's moisture binding to achieve sebum balance. No more mid-day oiliness.
(1 sheet u.p. $14)

Ice's Secret Miracle Secret Mask
An Oligopeptide Advanced Repair mask to provide cellular level restoration, repair and hydration on all layers of the skin for 24 hours hydration lock. Instant brightening and improved elasticity with just 1 use.
(1 sheet up. $18)

Ice's Secret Pore & Glow Mask 
An advanced formulation to target clogged, enlarged pores and give you the ultra glow. Suitable for even sensitive skin as it provides anti-inflammatory action while cleansing pores. A refreshed, supple and GLOWING skin like never before:
- Ultra-glowing finish, leaving you more refreshed than ever
- Everyday use & suitable for sensitive skin
- Deeper pore-cleansing with anti-bacterial action in pores
(1 sheet up. $14)

Ice's Secret Illuminating Pearl Mask
Provides 24 hours sealed moisturisation to ensure a glowing and hydrated skin. Formulated to improve skin elasticity, dullness and texture overtime. Ideal for all skin types including sensitive skin to perfect your nightly skincare ritual. 
(1 sheet up. $13)

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