[Dr Hair Early Bird Launch Special] Hair Loss Tonic Set

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  • What it is for 
  • What it does
  • Directions
  • Key Ingredients

  • Thinning hair, alopecia and male- and female-pattern hair loss. 

  • This handy hair loss tonic kit comes with 5 x 5ml bottles in red, blue, green, yellow and purple topped with rollerball applicators that allow the ingredients to penetrate deeper, increasing microcirculation, stimulating follicles to absorb nutrients, and reducing hair loss and thinning by supporting hair growth in a healthy environment.

  • Use the rollerball applicator to apply and massage the tonic into the scalp section by section every morning and before bedtime. This is a leave-in treatment. You should not wash your hair or scalp afterwards. For the other stages of hair loss treatment, please refer to the chart at the online Dr Hair product gallery. 

    Amounts to use:

    Stage 1 (normal with no hair loss): 2-3 bottles a week, AM & PM 
    Stage 2: 1.25ml, AM & PM 
    Stages 2-3; 3-6: 2.5ml, AM & PM