Miracle Secret & Super Hydra Glow Bundle: Maintenance

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  • About our bundle
  • What it is for 
  • This bundle includes: 
  • Directions
  • Glow & Midday Oiliness Free
    1 X Miracle Secret Oligopeptide Serum
    1 X Super Hydra Glow Serum

    Estimated Duration of Usage: 2.5-3 months

  • Targets all skin types especially for those with oily, combination and dry skin type. 

  • 1. Miracle Secret Oligopeptide Serum
    UP $129 (30ml)
    This Ice’s Secret revolutionary oligopeptide formulation reaches down into skin prone to acne, sensitivity and dryness to repair cells and a weakened skin barrier inside out. It also prevents irritation and midday oiliness in 7 days and deeply hydrates, leaving skin supple, smooth and quenched. After applying a bottle’s worth, you’ll find your skin smooth and more radiant than ever before—a great reason to keep on going.

    2. Super Hydra Glow Serum
    UP $89 (20ml)

    This serum for all skin types, including sensitive skin, refines bumpy skin, leaving it looking smooth and practically poreless. At the same time, it regulates sebum production while building keratin, another major protein in your skin that keeps it firm, and protects the natural protective barrier. Thanks to its antioxidant properties, it also prevents free radical damage. In 7 days, your skin will be suppler and healthier-looking.

  • Maintenance:
    1. Apply all over face, day & night use after cleanse & tone.
    - No moisturiser is needed

    1. Apply your Oligopeptide Complex Serum of choice.
    2. After absorption, apply Miracle Secret Serum or Super Hydra Glow

    When You Mask:
    1. Apply your Oligopeptide Complex Serum of choice/ Miracle Secret Serum / Super Hydra Glow Serum
    2. After absorption, put on your mask.
    3. Remove mask, wash off excess serums then apply Miracle Secret Serum / Super Hydra Glow Serum

    Refrigerate between uses. Please check the individual products for the full list of ingredients.