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[Ice's Secret Home] Reed Diffuser - English Pear & Freesia


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  • Inspired by the feelings of home, Ice's Secret brings a collection of lifestyle pieces to ignite a sense of warmth, relaxation and contentment in your personal oasis. Self-care is more than a spa day.  

    It is about taking care of yourself physically and mentally whenever you need it, and no appointment is required.  

    Imagine the joy of a warm shower and Ice's Secret Home pampering after a long day of deadlines. We offer candles, reed diffusers, pillows, blankets, and more to provide warmth, relaxation, and comfort. You deserve it, so treat yourself! 

  • The sweet scent of freshly ripened pears meld together with hints of honey, mint and strawberry notes of Freesias to inspire feelings of relaxation and comfort for calming aromatherapy and stress-relief at home. 

    Ice's Secret Home Reed Diffusers long lasting scent subtly envelope any space and help make your home feel clean and refreshed.  


  • Insert reeds into bottle. The reeds will absorb the oil the diffuse the scent into the air. Diffuser will achieve full result in 12 hours and will last for 1 -2 months.  

    Flip the reeds every 3 – 4 days for more fragrance. Do not burn.

    Each diffuser comes with 6 reeds and 50ml of essential oil.  
    It is best suited for enclosed spaces such as bathrooms, walk-in wardrobes and changing rooms. For larger spaces, 2 or more diffusers are recommended.