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[Ice's Secret Home] Reed Diffuser Bundle


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      Mix and match, between the scents:

  • Scents:
    (1) English Pear & Freesia
    (2) Velvet Rose & Oud
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    Enjoy 1 for 1 Reed diffuser. 
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    Buy 2 Reed Diffusers and received 2 Free Reed Diffusers + $5 Voucher
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  • Insert reeds into bottle. The reeds will absorb the oil the diffuse the scent into the air. Diffuser will achieve full result in 12 hours and will last for 1 -2 months.  

    Flip the reeds every 3 – 4 days for more fragrance. Do not burn.

    Each diffuser comes with 6 reeds and 50ml of essential oil.  
    It is best suited for enclosed spaces such as bathrooms, walk-in wardrobes and changing rooms. For larger spaces, 2 or more diffusers are recommended.  

  • Inspired by the feelings of home, Ice's Secret brings a collection of lifestyle pieces to ignite a sense of warmth, relaxation and contentment in your personal oasis. Self-care is more than a spa day.  

    It is about taking care of yourself physically and mentally whenever you need it, and no appointment is required.  


    Find out more about the scents here:
    (1) English Pear & Freesia
    (2) Velvet Rose & Oud