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✔ Eat more than 3 meals a day
✔ Burns excess fat at areas where it matters most
✔ Lose up to 8 kgs in just 1 month

General Benefits

✔ Get rid of visceral fat effectively (fat that tends to lodge around the organs)
✔ Improve lean body mass to fat mass ratio
✔ Helps improve overall health and prevent nutritional insufficiency
✔ Reduce body weight without negative side-effects.
✔ Effective on most people who are over-weight or obesity
✔ Helps tone and firm the whole body

Health Benefits
✔ Enhance physical energy
✔ Improve mental performance and alertness
✔ Improve lipid profile (cholesterol and triglycerides level)
✔ Regulate blood pressure
✔ Regulate blood glucose level

✔ Improve heart and liver health
✔ Improve breast or prostate health
✔ Improve blood delivery system
✔ Boosting body’s immunity system

Beauty Benefits
✔ Strengthening of collagen and elastin network
✔ Firming and reduce wrinkles
✔ Reduce skin pigmentation
✔ Improve skin texture
✔ Skin brightening


3 times Daily: 1 sachet each time before meals. Mix in room temperature or cold water. 2 Formulations labelled A and B, alternate between them.