Maintenance: Curate Your Regime (Advanced Series)

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  • This skin management kit includes: 
  • Ingredients 
  • Mix and Match Serums from our Oligopeptide Series:

    Brighten & Repair Serum up. $158
    Lift Serum up. $158
    Pigmentation Serum up. $158
    Rough Skin & Bumps Serum up. $158
    Acne & Pore II Advanced Serum up. $128

    Buy 4 Serums of your choice and get a free Oligopeptide Concentrate Serum & Secret Repair Serum.

    Comment at the box before you checkout what serums you want. 


    Acne & Pore II Advance x 1 
    Brighten & Repair Serum x 1
    Lift Serum x1
    Rough Skin & Bumps x 1


  • Please check individual listing for the full list of ingredients