Miracle Secret Trio

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    Miracle Secret Trio

    $188, UP $209

  • Miracle Secret Oligopeptide Serum
    An advanced formulation to target clogged, enlarged pores and give you the ultra glow. Suitable for even sensitive skin as it provides anti-inflammatory action while cleansing pores. A refreshed, supple and GLOWING skin like never before:
    - Ultra-glowing finish, leaving you more refreshed than ever
    - Everyday use & suitable for sensitive skin
    - Deeper pore-cleansing with anti-bacterial action in pores 
    (10ml, UP $49)

    24H Miracle Secret Ion Water Essence
    A spritz of this medical grade ion water essence can immediately help calm, repair and hydrate your skin. It will leave your skin looking supple and radiant throughout the day. As Ion Water Essence has ultra small molecules, it gets absorb into the skin much quicker and act as a live internal magnet to help skin lock in hydration & self-repair. 
    The advance formulation also aids skin wound repair and reduces skin redness, sensitivity and flush. It is anti-inflammatory, anti-septic and anti-allergy.
    (100ml, UP $80)

    Miracle Secret Mask
    An Oligopeptide Advanced Repair mask to provide cellular level restoration, repair and hydration on all layers of the skin for 24 hours hydration lock. Instant brightening and improved elasticity with just 1 use.
    (5 sheets/ box, UP $80) 

    Please check individual listing for the full list of ingredients