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[MOTHER'S DAY PROMO] Body Detox (2-in-1) (60min)


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  • Buy Body Detox (2-in-1) at $120, get FREE (worth $305):
    - 1x Machine (15min)
    - 1x A GoodNight Sleep Ion Water Essence 100ml
    - 1x Dr. Hair by Ice's Secret Haircare Travel Set 50ml*3

    NOW $120, U.P. $425


  • The principle is a high-energy ultrasonic focusing technology, which can penetrate the epidermis and dermis layer, directly focus on the subcutaneous tissue of 7mm-13mm, break the fat cells, convert them into glycerol and fatty acids, remove the fat cells, and then discharge them through the lymphatic system.

    In vitro, it can quickly dissolve fat while stimulating the dermis and subcutaneous tissue to produce collagen, which can tighten the skin and shape the body. Combined with Meridian Tissue Manipulation massage techniques, this treatment will sculpt and tone your stomach whilst improving key functions of the body such as digestion.

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