Oligopeptide Serum Kit (Essential Series)

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Buy 4 Essential Oligopeptide Complex Serums of your choice + Free Oligopeptide Concentrate Serum (u.p. $108)

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1. Acne & Pore Oligopeptide Complex Serum
Non-drying formulation to target those with acne, enlarged pores and excess sebum production. Aims to improve cell's ability to metabolise unwanted waste while achieving a balanced pH, hydration and sebum production level. Essentially, improving the cell's renewal process.
(10g+10ml u.p. $98)

2. Sensitive & Redness Oligopeptide Complex Serum
Advance formulation to target skin sensitivity, redness, and dry patches caused by sensitivity. It aids in strengthening the skin's natural barrier to be more resistant towards external stresses to reject sensitivity as well as prevent signs of veins.
(10g+10ml u.p. $98)

3. Scar & Blemish Oligopeptide Complex Serum
Formulated to visibly improve skin clarity while addressing appearance of acne marks, pimple scars and blemishes. 
(10g+10ml u.p. $98)

4. Hydration Oligopeptide Complex Serum
Direct penetration to provide hydration on all layers of the skin, provide moisturisation lock. Helps to balance your sebum levels and decrease chances of breakouts again.
(10g+10ml u.p. $98)

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