Pigmentation Kit

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  • Who Is It For?
  • Skin Management Kit Includes
  • Directions
  • Targets those with pigmentation concerns such as Post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation, hormonal pigmentation, uneven skin tone, freckle, sunspots.

    Hydrating regime that ensures skin soothing way to target pigmentation. 

  • 1.Oligopeptide Milk Cleanser
    30ml (u.p. $23)

    2.Oligopeptide Activating Essence
    30ml (u.p. $23)

    3.Pigmentation Oligopeptide Complex Serum
    Hydrating formulation with no peeling involved to treat pigmentation. Targets post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation, hormonal pigmentation, uneven skin tone, freckle, sunspots. 
    (10g+10ml u.p. $158)

    4.Hydration Oligopeptide Complex Serum
    Direct penetration to provide hydration on all layers of the skin, provide moisturisation lock. Helps to balance your sebum levels and decrease chances of breakouts again.
    (10g+10ml u.p. $98)

    5.Ready Glow Gel Exfoliator (Add on for only $10)
    Exfoliate gently without any harsh chemicals. It clumps up and removes dead skin cells to reveal brighter and glowing skin. This allows serums and essence to be better absorbed. Not advisable to rub too hard as the formulation allows the gel cellulose to pick up dead skin cells effectively and gently. Your skin is left soft, smoother and clearer. Great for sensitive and texture skin.
    (30ml, u.p. $29)

    See significant improvements in just 7 days, a kit to last you for 14 days.

  • 1. Oligopeptide Milk Cleanser (30ml)
    Use 1-2 pumps of Ice's Secret Oligopeptide Milk Cleanser, gently massage it onto your skin with a sprinkle of water. Rinse off with water or damp cotton pads. Double cleanse if you have make up on.

    2. Oligopeptide Activating Essence (30ml)
    Using an appropriate amount, apply on skin with hand, use your fingers to tap lightly to absorb. Alternatively, use few drops of essence to wet your cotton pad and wipe gently over face.

    3. Oligopeptide Complex Serum (10g + 10ml)
    Use 5-7 drops each time, ensure serum is generously applied over the whole face. Even for localised problems. Use one serum at a time only, double application is not needed.




    Pour OLIGOPEPTIDE SOLUTION into Mix OLIGOPEPTIDE LYOPHILISED POWDER. Shake until serum complex is even. Use the application cap provided to secure the serum complex. Apply 3-5 drops of solution over face as needed. You may also apply over the neck. 

    Storage: Store in fridge



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