Sensitive & Redness Bundle

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Revolutionary advanced oligopeptide complex.
Formulated to target skin sensitivity, redness, and including dry patches, caused by sensitivity. Reject sensitivity, prevent signs of veins. 

1. Oligopeptide Milk Cleanser (30ml)
Lets get our basics right! Use 1-2 pumps of Ice's Secret Oligopeptide Milk Cleanser, gently massage it onto your skin with a sprinkle of water. Rinse off with water or damp cotton pads. Double cleanse if you have make up on.

2. Oligopeptide Activating Essence (30ml)
Using an appropriate amount, apply on skin with hand, use your fingers to tap lightly to absorb./ A few drops of essence to wer cotton pad and wipe gently over face

3. Oligopeptide Complex Serum (10g + 10ml)
Pour OLIGOPEPTIDE SOLUTION into Mix OLIGOPEPTIDE LYOPHILISED POWDER. Shake until serum complex is even. Use the application cap provided to secure the serum complex. Apply 3-5 drops of solution over face as needed. You may also apply over the neck.
Storage: Store Unopened Oligopeptide serum in frigerator. When opened, storing in fridge is not necessary.