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Sensitive, Redness, Dryness/Peeling Serum Kit


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  • What it is for 
  • This skin management kit includes: 
  • Directions
  • Those with sensitivity, redness, dryness and itch. 

  • Sensitive Advanced Oligopeptide Serum
    UP $98 (15ml)
    This advanced serum for skin that is easily irritated or sensitised by environmental stressors or topical products, or prone to breakouts, flaking and itch related to sensitive skin, dryness and eczema helps to soothe and alleviate sensitivity and itch. It also hydrates and strengthens the natural barrier system to make it more resistant to the prolonged wearing of a face mask and external triggers.

    Sensitive & Redness Oligopeptide Serum 
    $98 (10mg + 10ml)
    This reinforces the skin’s natural barrier system, making it more resistant to redness, thinness, veins, sensitivity and sensitivity-related dry patches. At the same time, it improves cell renewal as well as calms and soothes flare-ups. When applied before bedtime, it stops itching and soothes heat rash overnight, too.

    Secret Repair Hydrating Oligopeptide Serum
    $89 (10ml)
    The perfect support serum everyone needs in their regime, this improves elasticity, soothes and promises long-lasting hydration, leaving your skin soft and supple. It is also a great makeup primer.

  • Apply 6-8 drops over the face. Use one serum at a time only, double application is not needed.

    Refrigerate between uses. Please check the individual products for the full list of ingredients.