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Signature Trial Kit

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  • Bundle Details
  • What the products do
  • For only $99, get:
    1x Oligopeptide Milk Cleanser 30ml
    1x Oligopeptide Activating Essence 30ml
    1x Daily Boost Advanced Oligopeptide Complex Serum
    1x Pore & Glow Mask sheet
    1x Miracle Secret Mask sheet
    1x Super Mask sheet

    NOW $99, U.P. $181

  • Oligopeptide Milk Cleanser 30ml
    Enriched with oligopeptide-1 and honey extract, this effectively removes makeup, dirt, grime and other impurities while respecting the skin’s natural barrier system and leaving it smooth, soft and supple

    Oligopeptide Activating Essence 30ml
    Containing oligopeptide-1 and apple extract, it calms even the most sensitive skin and inflamed acne while preparing skin to self-repair, replenish collagen and hydration and increase elasticity at the cellular level.

    Daily Boost Advanced Oligopeptide Complex Serum (3g + 3ml)
    Our Daily Boost Advanced Oligopeptide Complex Serum combines Ice’s Secret's signature oligopeptides, peptides and natural plant extracts to produce a fast-absorbing serum that instantly boosts the skin. It soothes the skin whilst activating the skin’s repairing and collagen-producing abilities to give you more radiant skin. 

    Pore & Glow Mask (1 sheet)
    This advanced mask intensely cleanses congested skin and minimises enlarged pores, especially on the sides of the nose. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial actions, it’s gentle enough for sensitive skin leaves the face refreshed, supple and glowing with your pores feeling brand new—after one use

    Miracle Secret Mask (1 sheet)
    This advanced oligopeptide repair mask instantly brightens and improves elasticity, restoring youthful vitality with one use. It also soothes and repairs damage from sun exposure and acid burns, calms acne-related inflammation and irritating bumps, hydrates (24 hours) and reduces pigmentation and unevenness

    Super Mask (1 sheet)
    Great for tired skin, this is the first-ever brightening anti-pigmentation sheet mask on the market that regulates melanin production. Its premium formulation with natural bio-ingredients and plant extracts also regulates the pH balance, locks in moisture—plumping and refining skin—and prevents acne scars and unevenness.

    Please check individual listings for the full list of ingredients.


Results in 7 days

Made for humid climates

Suitable for all skin types

Safe for pregnancy

High-performing ingredients

No parabens & silicons

Non-drying formulas


What it does

    A starter kit suitable for all skin types!

How should I use it?

    After cleanse and tone, apply Daily Boost Oligopeptide Complex Serum followed by the mask of your choice. Leave on for 20 minutes.

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