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Ice's Secret

[New Launch] Superstar Hair Serum

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Non-sticky formula, works well in humidity

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Penetrates deeply to repair & moisturise from within

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Instantly smooths & strengthens hair, reduces frizziness

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Repairs damage & enhances shine

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  • Key Ingredients
  • Crafted for those who face the challenges of humid weather and air conditioning, which often lead to dry, lackluster hair due to frequent exposure to chemicals or heat styling. We've harnessed the potency of carefully selected ingredients to bring you a truly exceptional serum that rejuvenates and revitalizes your hair, even in the face of challenging conditions.

  • SuperStar Hair Serum is a transformative elixir that tames, smoothens, and fortifies your hair, creating an oasis of strength and silky elegance amidst challenging conditions. 
    Revitalize & Strengthen: Infused with oligopeptide-2, our serum penetrates hair strands to revitalize and fortify them from within, ensuring resilient hair even in tough climates. 

    Ultimate Hydration: A blend of Rosehip Oil, Bay Leaf Geranium Flower Oil, and Olive Fruit Oil drenches your hair with luxurious hydration, combating dryness caused by humidity and air conditioning. 

    Frizz-Free Brilliance: Ylang Ylang Oil contributes its soothing essence, working hand-in-hand with Silk Protein to eliminate frizz, leaving your hair radiant and beautifully aligned. 

    Effortless Detangling: Experience the joy of easy detangling with every use, as SuperStar Hair Serum imparts a touchable softness that makes managing your hair a breeze.

    Highlighted by the remarkable oligopeptide-2, a skincare-inspired ingredient that works wonders on your hair, our SuperStar Serum penetrates each strand to strengthen and nourish. Coupled with the richness of Rosehip Oil, the soothing essence of Bay Leaf Geranium Flower Oil, the exotic touch of Ylang Ylang Oil, and the fortifying benefits of Silk Protein and Olive Fruit Oil, this serum delivers a holistic solution that's both luxurious and effective. 

    Say goodbye to unruly hair and embrace the touchable, silky-smooth transformation that only SuperStar Hair Serum can deliver. Elevate your hair care routine to a new level of excellence, and let your hair radiate the beauty of strength and vitality. 

  • Apply 3-6 drops at a time to dry or wet hair where needed. Run your fingers through the hair to ensure the oil is evenly distributed. This is a leave-in treatment. You do not need to wash your hair afterwards.


    Clinically Tested

    100% Natural

    Cruelty Free

    Results in 1 month

    Real People, Real Results

    "I really love how lightweight [the hair oil is] and the scent is superb. It totally made my [frizziness] gone with just a few pumps. Not sticky ... and makes my hair so glossy. [It is] amazing [for a] smooth and silky hair look."

    - Anonymous Customer

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