Magic Wand

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Who is it For?

Suitable for all skin types. Ideal for those who wants to gently remove your blackheads and whiteheads, as well as sculpt and lift your skin. 

What does it do:

Ice's Secret Magic Wand terminates black and white heads along with all your other skin woes. Use it in combination with our gentle, non-drying Black Head Lotion and Pore Minimising Essence to optimise best results. 

Why Ice's Secret Magic Wand?

- Quality Assurance
- Made for continual high performance
- Ultrasound technology yup to 24000 pulses/second
- Gentle on the Skin
- Multiple Functions
- 3 Months Warranty
- Chargeable with cable provided

Additional 6 months warranty available with $29.


First Charge: 2 Hours
Subsequently: 30minutes 

Just 3 easy steps to wipe out those pesky clogs:


* Blackhead Eliminator = Ice's Secret Magic Wand