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Ice's Secret

Thickening Tonic Hair Treatment

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Delivers fuller, thicker tresses

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Prevents hair thinning & reduces hair breakage

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Produces stronger, more resilient hair

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Prevents premature ageing of hair follicles

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  • Fine or thinning hair, hair prone to breakage.


  • The advanced formula containing 10ml bottles prevents premature ageing of hair follicles and thinning by thickening hair, expanding and adding volume to strands instantly from roots to ends.

  • For prevention and maintenance, gently massage 2.5ml into the whole scalp, where the thinning is most apparent, with the rollerball applicator twice a day, 3-4 times a week. As an intensive treatment: 5ml, AM & PM. This is a leave-in treatment. You should not wash your hair or scalp afterwards. 


    Clinically Tested

    100% Natural

    Cruelty Free

    Results in 1 month