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Youth Filler Lip Mask & Gloss

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  • Elevate Your Lip Care Routine: Discover the Perfect Moments for Our Youth Filler Lip Mask

  • Experience the allure of plump, full lips that beckon with an irresistible pucker with our revolutionary Youth Filler Lip Mask & Gloss. Unveil a new level of lip perfection with this remarkable product that combines the nurturing properties of a balm, the healing abilities of a repair treatment, and the rejuvenating effects of an exfoliator. With one use, your lips are plumped, pampered, and left feeling irresistibly smooth, akin to the touch of silk. It also aids in returning your lips back to their natural, youthful fullness, while gently restoring your lips' natural colour.

    1. Hydrate: Apply a thin layer as desired.

    2. Pre-Lipstick Application: Before applying lipstick, use a small amount of the lip mask as a primer for smoother and longer-lasting lip color.

    3. Exfoliate (5min): Apply a generous layer and leave on for 5min, then gently wipe off to exfoliate.

    4. Overnight Mask: Apply a thicker layer, leave on overnight for deep hydration.

  • Key Ingredients: Central to this game-changing formula is the magic of oligopeptide-6, a groundbreaking collagen plumping ingredient that breathes life into your lips. By stimulating collagen production, it enhances your lip's natural fullness, making them look more alluring and youthful than ever before. Alongside this, cherry extract adds a touch of nature's goodness, infusing your lips with antioxidants and vitamins that nourish and revitalize, eradicating any signs of chapped or cracked lips.

Results in 7 days

Made for humid climates

Suitable for all skin types

Safe for pregnancy

High-performing ingredients

No parabens & silicons

Non-drying formulas


Lips are nourished, smoother & plumper


Lip lines are reduced


Lips regained their natural colour

Award Winning Beauty

Dermatologically Tested

Fast Delivery from Singapore

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