Stubborn Acne Defeated in 3 Simple Steps

December 20, 2021 | Marketing IS

What is your skin history? 

Always had acne since my 20s and would go for facial every 2-3 weeks before having kids.  After having my first child 9 years ago, I stopped going facial and by acne will come and go. Since wearing face masks daily, my skin has worsened! 

This year, I made a promise to love myself a little more and do something for my skin. I started going for facial and was told I had very bad skin! I began skincare shopping and chanced upon Ice’s Secret from an influencer’s instagram and thought to give it a try.  Absolutely sold after seeing the results! 

What products did you start with? 

With the team’s advice, I got the Acne King treatment kit. My skin was looking brighter and improving steadily. Inflammation went down and treating with scars now!   I am very very with the results! A recent scan showed that my skin has improved, my skin is not so red and collagen levels have increased too! 😊   

Ice’s Secret team is like my bff, always there for me!   

Any words of advice? 

Give Ice’s Secret a try, it worked for me!