About Us


An accumulation of experience for over 20 years, Ice’s Secret was founded by a strong team of professionals to end your skincare search; Formulating products that is truly effective and suitable for every individual’s skin.

With a strong research & development team and real hands-on experience with clients, the team at Ice’s Secret has a strong foundation and knowledge of skincare to provide visible results for all skin problems in just 7 days.

Approach to Skin

At Ice’s Secret, we approach skin concerns differently from the mass market; we work on achieving a balanced pH, hydration and sebum production to repair skin cells & build a healthy functioning skin that can metabolise and unclog itself.

We allow your skin regime to be comfortable, safe and most effective with no downtime.

Ice’s Secret targets acne, sensitive, scars, pigmentation and ageing skin.

Our Values & Principles

 Ice’s Secret Skin Care products are tailored for the Singapore weather (and Asia) and are absolutely fuss free.

We know with a fast-paced urban lifestyle, a daily skincare routine needs to be easy, effective and lasting in results. Ice's Secret provides with a series of fuss-free products that will leave you wanting more.


#ICESECRETCLUB is a positive and supportive community which encourages each individual to present and be the best version of themselves!