Simple Regimes That Deliver Visible Results In 7 Days

To achieve healthy, self-repairing skin that is not congested, Ice’s Secret products combine oligopeptides and other ingredients that balance pH levels, regulate hydration and sebum production, and boost collagen production while addressing skin problems and signs of ageing. Furthermore, the daily regimes combine to achieve results in just 7 days and ensure they last.

No Moisturisers?

That's true. Ice's Secret skincare has been formulated such that you don’t need a moisturiser after using our serums. “Many leave the skin sticky, clog the pores and cause breakouts according to skincare users. Our serums are all you need for moisturising. Not only do they moisturise at the cellular level and on the surface, they also allow the skin to regenerate and repair breakout-related damage. They work through all four seasons, too,” says Quinn.

Strong Values & Principles

The company has exceptionally high safety standards. The 30 years of research and development that went into our skincare has enabled skin to function optimally in humid climates such as Singapore and other Asian cities. Ice's Secret's scientifically-backed products can also assist in clinical skin management, making them ideal for post-aesthetic skin procedures as they restore radiance without requiring any residual downtime. Each undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that it improves the appearance and functionality of the skin within a week.

Multitasking, high-performance ingredients

Combining plant extracts with science

Developed for the Singapore (or Asian) climate

No harmful preservatives