Our Oligopeptides

Why Ice's Secret Oligopeptides are so Effective?

Ice's Secret Oligopeptides are small in molecular size allowing it to get deep into the cellular level when applied topically. Structurally being similar to collagen, it prompts and stimulates collagen production. With continual usage, it will strengthen the skin's barrier system and ability to heal.

Ice's Secret Oligopeptide

Our Formulary Philosophy

Pharmaceutical Grade Methodology

Freeze-dried technology is incorporated to freeze-dry and de-dry drugs into solids under sterility testing. This process involves ingredients being refrigerated in a natural environment at -196 degrees to keep them in its purest and freshest state. After which, it gets dried under the standard vacuum pump sterility test until it becomes solidified and anhydrous. This enables products to maintain product freshness and be preserved for a long time.

Small Molecular Structure

Oligopeptides being smaller in molecules, they are able to penetrate through the skin's barrier easily. This allows direct absorption into the deeper layers of the skin.

Collagen Stimulation

Oligopeptides being structurally the same as collagen in our skin, acts as a catalyst to help stimulate collagen production. With continual use overtime, it strengthens the skin's barrier system and ability to heal on its own.

Immediate Results

Instant results within 7 days of usage.

Proven and supported by real user's photos and reviews.

Natural Skin Cell

Oligopeptides helps skin cells to repair itself on a cellular level, enabling restoration and repair of the skin.

Paraben, Sulfate & Alcohol Free. No Added Preservatives

Gentle and lightweight formulation.

Suitable for all ages and skin types including sensitive skin.

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