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Bumpy, Textured and Dull Skin


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  • Targets those with clogged, bumpy, textured and dull skin.

  • Rough Skin & Bumps Oligopeptide Complex Serum
    An advanced star formulation with active oligopeptides-1, -3, -4, -5, -6 and copper peptide-1 to target rough, bumpy texture skin. Imagine those tiny clogs that congest your pores eliminated. 
    (10g+10ml, UP $158)

    Brighten & Repair Oligopeptide Complex Serum 
    This advanced formulation with concentrated oligopeptides for deep repair management enhances the skin's ability to heal, boosts collagen synthesis and cell renewal as well as strengthens its natural barrier system against external stressors. It also brightens the complexion, eliminating dullness and unevenness, and diminishing acne scars. All it takes to transform—drastically improving the texture and elasticity and making it softer, more radiant and suppler—and maintain your revitalised appearance: 7 days!
    (10g+10ml, UP $158)

    Super Hydra Glow Serum
    Lightweight formulation that aims to smoothen out your skin, tighten your pores and balance your sebum oil production. It is packed with antioxidants to fight against free radicals, leaving your skin looking much healthier and supple. Additionally, it builds keratin, which helps with the barrier protection that your skin offers. 

  • Oligopeptide Complex Serum (10g + 10ml)

    Use 6-8 drops each time, ensure serum is generously applied over the whole face.

    Use one serum at a time only, double application is not needed.


    ROUGH SKIN & BUMPS (Night)

    You can opt to layer SUPER HYDRA GLOW SERUM over the complex serums for pre-make up serum poreless look or after face mask. Essentially it can be used alone daily after completion of Oligopeptide Complex Serums.

    Refrigerate products between uses.