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[September Special] Ice's Secret Serum DIY Kit


This product is currently sold out.

Your advance formulation bundle to target your skin concerns and customise your daily regime. 

$599 (U.P. $937)

Please indicate your choice of 5 serums in the comments section before you check out. 

Choose 5:
Brighten & Repair X2
Lift X1
Pigmentation X1
Acne & Pore II Advance X1

What this bundle consists:

Choose any 5 Advance Oligopeptide Serums

1. Brighten and Repair
Formulated with highly concentrated oligopeptides for deep repair management. Enhances skin’s ability to heal and strengthen skin's barrier system while reducing scar mark appearances. Revitalise dull or dry skin to achieve a more supple and radiant skin. Suitable for all skin types.
(10g+10ml u.p. $158)

2. Lift
An advance formulation with oligopeptides 1,3,5,6 to plump the skin from within to smoothen out fine lines, unfold wrinkles and restore skin's elasticity. Effectively shrink mature skin pores. 
(10g+10ml u.p. $158)

3. Pigmentation
Hydrating formulation with no peeling involved to treat pigmentation. Targets post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation, hormonal pigmentation, uneven skin tone, freckle, sunspots. 
(10g+10ml u.p. $158)

4. Rough Skin & Bumps 
An advance star formulation with active oligopeptides 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 and copper peptide-1 to target rough, bumpy texture skin. Imagine those tiny clogs that congest your pores

(10g+10ml u.p. $158)

5. Acne & Pore II
An advanced formulation of several oligopeptides 1,5,6,4, to stimulate skin cells. Targets acne, clogs and rough skin. Effectively prevents bacteria accumulation to decrease new acne appearance. Smoothen rough, dull, clogged skin to return a smooth, supple skin texture.

(10g+10ml u.p. $128)


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