Hair loss - why it happens

Hair loss, balding, thinning Those words are probably the last things we want to hear about ourselves, but, as with any taboo subject, it's time to face up to the realities of suffering from female hair loss, especially.  
For starters, if you are experiencing hair loss, you are not alone; even this writer has noticed some thinning. Anyone can suffer from it, regardless of their age. Luckily, you can do something about it without having to sign up for packages and spending thousands of dollars at a hair salon.    
Time to get technical for a quick minute. Understanding that our hair grows in different phases is essential to keeping those luscious locks, well, luscious.  

The Basics

Hair grows from follicles that get their nutrients to grow from blood vessels. Whenever bacteria or poor circulation hinders the smooth transfer of these nutrients, hair won't grow. In its life cycle, it goes through three phases. Here’s what happens in each of these.  
1. Anagen phase During this stage, which lasts between 2 and 6 years, hair grows the most as the hair follicles are most active. Every month, hair grows about a quarter of an inch or 6mm. Each of us has a different anagen phase, and as a result, those with a longer phase have an easier time growing their hair than those with shorter anagen phases.  
2. Catagen phase During this phase, active growth ends. It lasts two to four weeks and is the shortest. The outer root sheath separates from the blood supply and shrinks, allowing strands to separate from the follicles.  
3. Telogen phase Your hair follicles rest during this time that lasts about 3 months, after which hair prepares to enter the anagen or growth phase again. 
Fortunately, each strand of hair goes through each phase at a different rate. Therefore, we rarely suddenly lose our hair.  
What inhibits the anagen phase? The hormones we produce. Those whose genes predispose them to hair loss have a shorter anagen phase. We may also experience shortened hair growth stages due to hormonal changes caused by stress, improper nutrition, and lifestyle habits.  
Although hormonal changes are out of our hands, we can stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss by using the right haircare products. Ice's Secret created Dr Hair to combat these and other conditions.  
With cheerful packaging to brighten your day, our products will provide your hair with the treatment and care it needs. Each is formulated with herbs, plant extracts, and scientifically proven ingredients that help supply nutrients to hair follicles from the outside to promote the growth of healthy hair.  
Here's to lustrous hair for life. 😊  
Dr Hair by Ice’s Secret