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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Oligopeptide?

To put it simply, Oligopeptides are essentially subsets of Peptides. Peptides are the building blocks that make up the protein of our skin. Without sufficient peptides, our skin will face a loss of firmness, texture changes and appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Peptides are predominantly used in skincare as it is made up of amino acids which acts as a catalyst to help stimulate collagen production. This will then aid in strengthening the skin’s barrier system and ability to heal on its own.

Oligopeptides being smaller in molecules, are able to penetrate the skin’s barrier and get absorbed deeper into the skin layers.

How to use the Oligopeptide Products? 

Ice's Secret 3 Steps Secret:

1. Oligopeptide Milk Cleanser

- Emulsify cleanser with some water. Using your fingertips, gently massage it into your skin in circular motions to deeply cleanse. Use damp facial cotton sheets to clean off (Double cleanse if you have make up).

2. Oligopeptide Activating Essence

- Apply Activating Essence over face. Soak a cotton pad with it and apply or, apply directly over face.

3. Oligopeptide Complex Serums

- Apply serum all over face and neck area. Use about 6 to 8 drops each time.

How to prepare my Oligopeptide serums?

1. Keep them refrigerated

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How will Ice's Secret Oligopeptides be beneficial to me?

Oligopeptides are small in molecules, which allows it to penetrate into the skin's barrier and be absorbed deeper into the skin layers. When applied topically, Oligopeptides signal the skin cells to repair itself on a cellular level. In response to these signals, your skin will boost its production of collagen peptides, enabling restoration and repair of the skin.

Why are there different formulations? 

Each formulation is targeted at a specific skin concern. This helps to increase the serum’s efficiency and therefore, fast results in just 3 to 7 days.

Who is it for?

Individuals of all age and skin types, including sensitive skin.

Does it cause breakout?

No. Oligopeptide is not a foreign element and it does not cause any over 'stimulation’ or nourishment that would cause any unwanted breakouts. Mixing of other products is not recommended to avoid spoiling the active properties of Oligopeptide.

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