Sensitive Advanced Oligopeptide Serum

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  • Skin that is easily irritated or sensitised by environmental stressors or topical products, or prone to breakouts and flaking, itch related to sensitive skin, dryness and eczema.

  • Skin sensitivity has a lot to do with the skin’s fatty outer layer. In people with sensitive skin, this is typically weaker, thinner and more easily damaged, making it easier for irritants to penetrate the skin and cause inflammation. This advanced serum helps to alleviate, calm and soothe sensitivity and the itch related to it. It also hydrates and strengthens the natural barrier system to make it more resistant to the prolonged wearing of a face mask and external triggers such as environmental stressors.

  • Apply 6-8 drops over the whole face, twice daily. Refrigerate between uses.

  • Water, oligopeptide-2, oligopeptide-4, glycerin, caprylhydroxamic acid, propylene glycol, glyceryl caprylate, sodium hyaluronate, 4-hydroxyacetophenone