Pigmentation Oligopeptide Complex Serum

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  • Post-inflammatory pigmentation due to pimples, acne, eczema or a scratch, as well as freckles, ageing, sun damage or solar lentigines and melasma—a hormonal hyperpigmentation triggered during pregnancy or by oral contraceptives.

  • Our revolutionary hydrating formulation gets you quickly—7 days—on your way to glowing, even-toned, unfiltered skin without any peeling or downtime. The oligopeptides can significantly fade or lighten all the above-mentioned, even the skin tone and brighten the overall complexion. Together with antioxidants, they also help to regulate melanin synthesis, which helps to treat these pigmentary disorders. 

  • Pour the oligopeptide solution into the oligopeptide freeze-dried powder. Shake until completely combined and secure the serum bottle with the application cap provided. Apply 6-8 drops over the face, twice daily. Refrigerate between uses.

  •  Oligopeptide solution: lysozyme; oligopeptide freeze-dried powder: oligopeptide-3, oligopeptide-2, water, mannitol, serum albumin, glycine max (soybean) polypeptide, disodium phosphate, sodium phosphate