Pitted Scar Oligopeptide Complex Serum

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  • Pitted, post-acne scars characterised by hollow, indented or pit-like impressions on the face.

  • As part of your skin regime, Ice’s Secret’s intensive revolutionary treatment rebuilds weakened skin tissue traumatised by the damage and inflammation of deep breakouts. It also improves collagen synthesis which helps to fill out the scars, reduce their appearance and improve the texture of your skin without needles or any pain.

  • Pour the oligopeptide solution into the oligopeptide freeze-dried powder. Shake until completely combined and secure the serum bottle with the application cap provided. Apply 6-8 drops over the face, twice daily. Refrigerate between uses.

  • Oligopeptide solution ingredients: lysozyme; oligopeptide freeze-dried powder ingredients: water, mannitol, oligopeptide-1, oligopeptide-3, oligopeptide-5, oligopeptide-6, copper tripeptide-1, acetylhexapeptide-8, disodium hydrogen phosphate