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Acne Scars, Pitted Scars, Boxcar Scars, Rolling Scars


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  • This skin management includes 

  • Prevent your next acne breakout or existing stubborn pimples, cystic acne. Lighten acne scars.  Hydration and deep repair of the skin cellular structure to build a stronger and healthier skin.

  • Scar & Blemish Oligopeptide Complex Serum 
    $98 (10g + 10ml)
    This hydrating formulation visibly improves clarity and brightens the overall skin tone by treating acne marks, pimple scars and blemishes, and lightening old acne and pimple scars. There is no peeling or downtime involved.

    Pitted Scar Oligopeptide Complex Serum
    As part of your skin regime, Ice’s Secret’s intensive revolutionary treatment rebuilds weakened skin tissue traumatised by the damage and inflammation of deep breakouts. It also improves collagen synthesis which helps to fill out the scars, reduce their appearance and improve the texture of your skin without needles or any pain.

    Secret Repair Hydrating Oligopeptide Serum 
    $89 (10ml)
    The perfect support serum everyone needs in their regime, this improves elasticity, calms and soothes and promises long-lasting hydration, leaving your skin soft and supple. It is also a great makeup primer.