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Ice's Secret Wedding Kit

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Introducing your the wedding kit to help you achieve everlasting "Bridal Glow" for your wedding!

  • What this bundle includes
  • What it does 

  • Purchase a White Limited Edition Pouch, 1 Box of Super Mask, 1 Box of Illuminating Oligopeptide Mask, 1 Brighten & Repair Oligopeptide Complex Serum and 1 Youth Filler Oligopeptide Complex Serum at $449

    (UP $526)

    Get 2nd Kit at 15% Off

  • Brighten & Repair Oligopeptide Complex Serum
    This advanced formulation with concentrated oligopeptides for deep repair management enhances the skin's ability to heal, boosts collagen synthesis and cell renewal as well as strengthens its natural barrier system against external stressors. It also brightens the complexion, eliminating dullness and unevenness, and diminishing acne scars. All it takes to transform—drastically improving the texture and elasticity and making it softer, more radiant and suppler—and maintain your revitalised appearance: 7 days!

    Youth Filler Oligopeptide Complex Serum
    Cancel that trip to the aesthetic clinic! This breakthrough intense treatment plumps up lines, unfolds wrinkles and diminishes nasolabial folds in 7 days by increasing the metabolism and collagen and elastin as it hydrates. It also addresses skin thinning, dryness-related irritation and dark spots as well as minimises pores, immediately smoothing, firming and brightening skin day after day.

    Super Mask
    Lack of sleep promotes inflammation that could lead to breakouts and hyperpigmentation caused by an increase in melanin. Ours is the first-ever brightening anti-pigmentation sheet mask on the market that regulates melanin production. Its premium formulation with natural bio-ingredients and plant extracts also regulates the pH balance, locks in moisture—plumping and refining skin—and prevents acne scars and unevenness.

    Illuminating Oligopeptide Mask
    This revolutionary mask soothes redness or inflammation, eliminates blackheads, defends the skin against pimples and enables collagen regeneration for advanced cell repair. Enriched with pearl powder, just one use will have your skin soft, supple, super hydrated and seriously illuminated.

Results in 7 days

Made for humid climates

Suitable for all skin types

Safe for pregnancy

High-performing ingredients

No parabens & silicons

Non-drying formulas

Award Winning Beauty

Dermatologically Tested

Fast Delivery from Singapore

28,047 5 Star Customer Reviews