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Ice's Secret

Itchy Scalp Kit

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  • What Is In It?
  • Remove impurities & soothe itch to leave scalp feeling refreshed!

  • 08 Itchy Scalp Relief Shampoo
    $49 (300ml)
    Besides relieving an itchy scalp, this also reduces any discomfort and replenishes moisture to restore dry hair and the scalp's skin barrier.

    Choose any one of the following add-ons: 

    N05 Gloss & Smooth Conditioner
    $46 (300ml)
    The ultra-nourishing formula repairs and nourishes hair damaged by harsh chemicals and heat. Immediately, tresses feel moisturised without feeling heavy, while their vitality and health are enhanced, resulting in healthy, shiny, bouncy hair. 

    N06 Repair & Restore Conditioner 
    $52 (300ml)
    This hair treatment protects and nourishes dry, hard-to-touch hair by instantly moisturising strands and repairing damaged cuticles. Besides treating damages to the scalp as well, it also targets dryness, itch and odour. 

    Hair Loss Tonic
    $158 (5 x 5ml bottles)
    This handy hair loss tonic kit comes with 5 x 5ml bottles in red, blue, green, yellow and purple topped with rollerball applicators that allow the ingredients to penetrate deeper, increasing microcirculation, stimulating follicles to absorb nutrients, and reducing hair loss and thinning by supporting hair growth in a healthy environment. 

    Thickening Hair Tonic
    $59 (10ml)
    The advanced formula prevents premature ageing of hair follicles and thinning by thickening hair, expanding and adding volume to strands instantly from roots to ends.

    Receding Hairline Tonic
    Both men and women can use this daily scalp tonic in 10ml bottles with rollerball applicators to prevent receding hair lines. Using natural ingredients, it supports healthy hair growth, balances the scalp and stimulates microcirculation. 

    Please check the individual products for the full list of ingredients.

    Clinically Tested

    100% Natural

    Cruelty Free

    Results in 1 month