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Acne King!!!

26 July 2021

I got the Acne King Full Treatment Kit and saw results on day 3/4 and I'm sold!! Now I've decided to buy more products from Ice's Secret and have placed 4 new orders hehehe! I even introduced this to my colleague and mum.

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Results in 4 days

1 September 2022

I used Acne & Pore for morning, Acne & Pore II for night. Then followed with Miracle Secret Mask for 3 days. Very happy with the results within 4 days only!

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Skin never looked better

21 May 2022

Just wanted to drop a review for the Super Serum... probably been about a week already and I can say my skin has never looked better?? At first I didn't see much of a noticeable difference until I wore makeup and realised my skin texture smoothed out so much!!

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Highly recommended

20 September 2021

My regime is Secret Repair Serum in the day and Acne & Pore II Advanced Serum at night, and masking with Miracle Secret + Illuminating Mask! I haven't had painful cystic acne for a few days. I didn't want harsher acids on my skin, and Ice's Secret's product are cleaner and safer.

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Less hairfall in 14 days

6 February 2022

I'm so happy with the Dr. Hair by Ice's Secret products! Seems like the Hair Loss Tonic is doing magic on my scalp! I'm also seeing less hair drop in my drainage.

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Love the new neck serum!

25 August 2022

The texture of the serum is lightweight, doesn't cause any stickiness or feel heavy after applying onto my neck. Before using it, my neck lines were deep and after 7 days could see my neck more plump up and I def would want to continue to see long term results of even neck skin tone and reduce the neck lines!!

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Skin improved in a month!

2 August 2022

It's been almost a month of using Ice's Secret products now and my skin improved by way moreee. I also started using Rose & Radiance Exfoliator twice a week because I put make up on a daily basis. I think the skin really improves a lot more the more I use it.

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Fast & easy

26 July 2022

I think I got lesser acne breakouts/ healed faster than last time. The skincare process also v fast & easy because I just needa cleanse + tone + use the serum das all

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Acne Defense is my staple

21 August 2022

I think Acne Defense Serum might be a staple complex serum for me haha. I've also been masking with Miracle Secret Mask and Super Mask on alternate days

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Bye bye flaky & dry skin

29 August 2022

Wanted to share the amazing results after using the Super Hydra Glow Moisturising Body & Hand Lotion! Brought it along during my trip qne after I came back from holiday my skin on my legs was super dry and flaky... but after 2 weeks of using this, my skin looks damn good!

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Healed in 4 days

19 May 2022

The result is amazing! In just 4 days and applying once every night, the Kiss Me 3-in-1 Lip Mask transformed my embarrassingly cracked and "bloody" lips to smooth and supple, natural pink lips! No other lip products I've purchased managed to "smooth out" the roughness of my lips but this is quick in showing effective results.

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Thank you Ice's Secret!

2 August 2021

The Acne Defense Serum really does a good job in controlling my breakouts. Usually, I would have hormonal acne that would take over a week to clear, but this time my breakout from last week really healed faster than usual. It's all thanks to Ice's Secret's products and their skin specialists!!

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